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Autonomy: What is it?

What is Autonomy? How do we define it?

In short, Autonomy is freedom...

freedom from fears, habits, anxieties, and bad choices. Autonomy is what makes you an independent self-starter. Autonomy is what gives you the ability to to move through life with a measure of certainty and confidence. Autonomy isn't gained by mere knowledge, it arrives when you have wisdom. Knowledge tells you that a change is needed. Wisdom is moving your feet in the direction of the needed change.

When you know a change is needed but you aren't certain where to turn, a Professional Autonomy Life Coach can help.

Sandra Whitehead

Hi, my name is Sandra Whitehead, and I'm a Professional Autonomy Life Coach. If you seek purpose, direction and fulfillment in life, I want to help.

Autonomy is the capacity to make an informed, uncoerced decision. Autonomous organizations or institutions are independent, self-governing facilities that help you learn how to govern yourself while letting go of fear. It's YOUR life, YOUR vision, YOUR journey. What are you waiting for?

Give yourself the power of Autonomy.