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“Just like a baseball coach helps kids develop skills, confidence, and ability to thrive in baseball; a certified WISDOM Coach helps kids develop the skills, confidence, and ability to thrive in life.”

-Renaye Thornborrow, CEO Adventures in Wisdom

Connect with your kids by bringing the Adventures in Wisdom stories and activities into your home!

WISDOM Coaches are certified to use the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids Curriculum to help kids develop mindset skills for happiness, confidence, and success in life.

They are very skilled in helping kids to break through challenges and reach their fullest potential


Your Child Can Be Mindful

Mindfulness Package

In this lesson, your child will learn they can improve their overall performance. They learn how to program their thinking for success and to use power of their mind to cultivate a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.

Give your child the tools conquer anxiety and fear. You child will be able to navigate social situations with ease by learning to set goals. You child can learn: mind power skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, conquer fear, anxiety, embrace change, goal setting, peer pressure, and academic success.

Individual sessions are private, confidential and catered to suit your child's individual needs while supporting positive mindset development. My coaching sessions provide a safe environment, built on trust and respectful interaction to help your child connect with their inner voice, reframe their challenges, and move forward in a way that is in alignment with their true nature.



Empowered Kids Become Empowered Adults

Inner strength Package

In this Lesson, you're teaching your child to be their own boss. In this lesson, your child will learn how to have good decision making skills. This includes standing up to peer pressure. They will be the leader in their own lives and take full responsibility for their feelings, emotions, words, actions, goals, and especially their dreams.

My purpose as a wisdom coach and autonomy mindset coach is to empower kids through mindset and academic development. Kids learn how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives to they can take their life, goals, and dreams wherever they want to go. Today, kids are facing extremely stressful situations and could use some helpful coping skills. The five sessions offered specifically focus on the vital learning skills. Your child can deal with stress, anxiety and anger. They'll also be able to balance energy while processing emotion.


Your Child is Unique

I am unique package

In this lesson your child will learn how to assign themselves honor and uniqueness. They will learn that there has never before been a, 'them.' They will also learn how to assign others honor for their uniqueness. They will know how to make others feel special and build confidence as well. It's about your child's development in strong self-esteem and confidence from the inside out.

Child self-esteem is important, especially in this world today. It's important for your child to develop a strong inner-voice that promotes self-confidence, not over-confidence. This will help them to have a balanced view of goals and not feel defeated before trying.

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Give Your Child a Vision

Vision Designing Package

In this lesson, it's all about who your child decides they want to be. When your child has a clear vision, their life has structure, discipline, and direction. Without a clear vision, your child may drift through life without a clear direction which can cause others to determine their path for them.

Allow your child to support their vision and know how to follow it. They'll be able to make decisions that support their vision and keep them on the path they are focused on.


Your Children Can Be Resilient

Building Resilience Package

In this lesson, your child will learn how to not fear failure and mistakes, which my hold them back from trying. Too much fear causes anxiety and stress. Help your child learn how to overcome negative thinking, fear and limiting-beliefs about how to move past obstacles.

Overcoming mistakes and managing the fear of future mistakes is pivotal for your child's success. If your child has an unmanaged fear of failure, it prevents them from having any motivation to try, and your child will stay in a fixed mindset.

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